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South Dump Stormwater Model & Pre-Design

Teck Highland Valley Copper
Year of Completion
Service Category

Project Description

TRUE was tasked with developing a stormwater model for a new waste rock dump at Highland Valley Copper in order to inform the sizing and design of a drainage collection system and pumping facility. Development of the PCSWMM stormwater model included the following:

  • Determining the catchment area using LiDAR and survey data
  • Developing a PCSWMM stormwater model for the 407 Ha catchment area
  • Determining the runoff conditions based on soil conditions and vegetation. Including an analysis of expected runoff and groundwater seepage conditions within mining waste rock dumps
  • Development of design storm based on regulatory requirements
  • Pre-Design of containment and pumping options for onsite management of stormwater runoff

Project Services

Services Provided

  • Hydraulic Modelling
  • Conceptual Design
  • Preliminary Design
  • Project Management