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Hope Pollution Control Centre Upgrades

District of Hope
Year of Completion
Service Category

Project Description

The District of Hope assigned TRUE to design major upgrades to their wastewater treatment system under a standing engineering services agreement.

The work comprised staged improvements to the existing aerated lagoon treatment system to meet tighter effluent criteria. This was achieved by desludging and reconfiguring the treatment cells, adding a partition wall, upgrading aeration and installing a dissolved air flotation post treatment stage.

The plant is the second in BC to treat aerated lagoon effluent with a dissolved air flotation system. This system floats algae to the tank surface for removal.

Project Services

Services Provided

  • Conceptual Design
  • Preliminary Design
  • Detailed Design
  • Procurement Services
  • Contract Administration
  • Construction Inspection
  • Project Management
  • Regulatory Approvals